27.03 SWITZERLAND, Lauterbrunnen, Connecting Realms

‘You are entering a vortex of light, a connection between heaven and deep Earth. When you stretch your consciousness to the highest height and the deepest low, you will open up the seventh keycode. It’s like all the chakras are involved here on this vortex. As soon as the seven are connected and opened, the whole vortex will start to turn.

This is what we, the Council of the Wizards, the Council of Melchizedek, are working towards with your help and your dedication: to bring the flow back between the underworld, the middle world and the upper world. Three worlds. And if they turn simultaneously, the gate will open, the stargate of the Jungfrau. Because the Jungfrau is connected to the star world, the planets of Sirius and Cygnus, Aldebaran. There are many interstellar connections and people from other worlds and other dimensions holding the space, wanting to communicate and to make contact with the people of the Earth. Just as the people of the inner Earth, of the elves and nature. They want to communicate as well with human beings. Because if the communication channel between the world of nature and the human world is distorted, both will perish.

The earth is dependent on human beings and human begins are dependent on the Mother. It is an interconnectedness. Never forget that, that you are part of the Great Mother. But the same thing is true: the Mother takes care of her children and She will die if her children will perish. There is a complete interdependance between all these realms. Like a lemniscate going down, bringing back to the middle and going up.

The point of the Jungfrau is like this middle point of the lemniscate, connecting the higher realms with the lower realms. It’s the pinnacle, the capstone of the pyramid. It is as if you are going to light a candle on the top, which will then influence all the worlds, up and down, the whole vortex.

For that, you can use these days to release all your old patterns. To become pure, to release yourself of burdens of guilt and shame, pain, everything that you carry. To become really transparent and pure in your soul. Leave everything behind that’s not necessary any more. Because you are asked to take your place within the circle of masters, of lightworkers, holding the space for the coming times.

Don’t take this lightly. The survival of humankind depends on it. Do you understand that? How of the utmost importance it is that you take yourselves seriously. We know it is a big demand we ask of you, but it’s the only thing we can do to support you. Because we care for you. So the more you shine and you open your heart and bring the light of your heart out into the world, the more this middle point of the Jungfrau will shine. You ignite the light of the Jungfrau with your own hearts. So the best thing you can do is to focus on the heart. Leave the stories behind. They can help you to bring you to the essence, but they’re just metaphors. Just like a train brings you to the top, a story or thoughts can bring you to this inner light, this enlightenment of the soul, which is an awareness of the present.

Call upon the elements, crystals, the animals, the trees, the water, the fire, the earth and air to support you in this process. Light the candle, put the capstone on the top of the pyramid and connect to the stars.

Many blessings and know that we are connected with you and all your companions.’


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